Sunday, February 15, 2015

Noro Aya

Some time ago, I bought a bag of Noro Aya from Elann.  Note: Elann has since changed their business model and appears to no longer carry discounted yarn from designer brands. They focus on their own branded yarn and now shipping exclusively via ebay. Booo, but that's another story.

The colorway of the yarn was very bright (magenta, teal, emerald, orange, lilac...) but hey, at less than $6 per skein for Noro, I grabbed all I could, all 13 skeins of it.

I don't like wastage and made not one, but three FOs with the yarn!

As the colorway was quite strange, with a smorgasbord of beautiful bright colors and dark autumn browns/blacks/greens/orange, I separated the dark colors from the bright ones.

The bright colors were used to make a BB blanket for C and a skinny scarf.

Bébé Circle Blanket (brights)

Inspired by the knitted pop blanket, I searched for a crochet version and settled with this free pattern from Lion Brand.

This blanket used less than 5 skeins of Noro Aya and 4 skeins of Lion Brand Recycled Cotton (cream parts).  There are a total of 16 squares and each square consists of 6 rounds for the circle.
Notes from Ravelry here.

Skinny Scarf (brights)

With less than 3 skeins of leftover brights, I made a happy skinny scarf. Just casted on about 250 stitches and double crocheted rows until yarn ran out.
Notes from Ravelry here.

Missoni Chevron Scarf/Wrap (darks)

The autumn colors were used to make a chevron shawl. Found a chevron pattern and just ran with it. Used over 5 skeins and it measures 13 X 72 inches.
Notes from Ravelry here.

All three projects were crocheted! I guess I am officially a "hooker"!

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