Thursday, March 29, 2012

Burgundy Dress REDUX

I made this empire dress over 15 years ago, circa 1996!  It was my own adaptation of a Vogue Knitting Fall’95 pattern: #18.  It was made with two different yarns in the same color but  very different textures.  The top was boucle while the bottom was plain worsted yarn.  

Over a decade later, I am not as slim as I was in university.  However, I love knitted dresses, so a few years ago, I dusted this dress off and decided to rip out the top and reknit it.

Originally, I planned to make something like the Suspension Dress from Modern Top Down Knitting and replace the patterned bodice with boucle stockinette. However, I couldn't get the top band to fit properly.

Eventually, I frogged the entire bodice and knit a top-down raglan top with short sleeves.  Also finished the dress with crochet edging to update the skirt portion.  Details on ravelry.

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