Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Challenge X 2

A few posts ago, I mentioned that some items I knit fall into the "victory projects" category ... and I am proud to share two of those with you.

Both patterns are from 2007.  Yes, it took me almost 5 years to gather up the perfect yarn, patience and stamina to tackle them.

Both require attention.  I had to frog back sections of both projects due to wrong color changes, reversed cables, dropped stitches, wrong stitches...etc.  The patterns were not at fault - they were both wonderfully written, I just wasn't paying attention.

Both designers have superb attention to detail.  The cables grew from the ribbing and the fairisle pattern is perfectly symmetrical and well placed, it reminds me why I buy patterns and don't design them. 

Both were love-at-first-sight.  I knew I had to knit/have them back in 2007. They didn't take that long to knit; I just didn't know it would take so long to finally tackle them.

Both were knit with more economical substitute yarns (knitpicks and elann). 

Both were 95% finished in 2011 but not completed until now.  Still finished within the 1st half of January!

And here I present...

1) Autumn Rose Pullover designed by Eunny Jang

Knit with Knitpicks Palette, which I bought when a skein cost $1.99-$2.19.  Unfortunately, most of the colors I used are probably now discontinued.

Of the three Eunny Jang fairisle sweaters: this one, Ivy League Vest and Venezia Pullover, I think this pattern is the easiest for a beginner. The chart shows the increases/decreases and the colors change every 3 rows so it’s obvious that they need to be cut.

I strongly recommend enlarging the pattern chart.
Details on ravelry here.

2) Dickinson Pullover designed by Kathy Zimmerman

I used elann Peruvian Highland wool, which is a lighter weight so I used smaller needles to compensate.  I could have used a heavier yarn but the lighter yarn creates a less bulky (adds 10 pounds) sweater.  I love the finished product.
Details here

I still have a few months to wear them! 

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Munchkin_the_Bean said...

wow, just wow. that fair isle jumper is so precise! you've outdone yourself, missy!