Monday, November 07, 2011

Second Time Around

Once upon a time, Vogue Knitting featured a stunning sweater pattern by an up-and-coming designer called James Coviello.  At the time, I was living in tropical Hong Kong and abandoned knitting but the sweater was so gorgeous, I just HAD to have the sweater.  It was the motivation for me to pick up knitting again.
Back then, chunky 9mm yarn was not easy to find, especially in Hong Kong,  My first attempt was an epic failure.  After knitting all the pieces, I realized the yarn was too chunky and the sweater was too "fat".  So, I bought different yarn and knitted it from scratch again. 

This was 2004 and the yarn pattern was from the Winter 2002/2003 issue of VK.

Since then, I have moved from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Vancouver to Toronto and Toronto back to Vancouver.   The sweater was never sewn up, the dangling pieces just stored in a plastic bag, hidden in boxes throughout those moves. 

The pieces were also chunky and lacy and I was afraid to sew up the pieces...

...Until now.... This morning I was perusing the new Anthropologie Catalogue and saw this for $328:

It is the EXACT sweater that I was knitting back in 2004.  It's amazing that almost a decade later, this sweater makes a re-appearance and is as relevant as ever.  And my love with this sweater hasn't changed.
Although my sweater is still in pieces, I am going to find them and sew them together right away! 


Cindy said...

I was also surprised when seeing this sweater in the new Anthropologie catalogue. However I never get a chance to knit it. The pattern's still in my to-knit pattern file. But no matter what, when I visit the store next time, I will try it on and see if I really like it.

Ellen said...

Does anyone know where I can find this pattern? I did a search online for it but only found the corrections. Thanks!

Peggy said...

For those who asked, you can find the pattern in the Winter 2002/2003 issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine, which can be found on their website: