Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Noro Summer Lace Scarf

I bought this yarn from last year's TTC knit along after some persuasion from Sandi Purl.

It's a lovely self-patterning Noro Matsuri yarn but I only bought 2 skeins, which at 145 m per skein would yield enough yardage for a summer scarf.

I tried a few different patterns but none of them really worked. I tried...:

1. ...crochet using double chain and larger needles (6.0)… it was too loose and like a rag.

2. ...knitting the Midwest Moonlight Scarf… but the pattern competed with the beautiful color changes of the yarn. This pattern would work well with solid colors.

3. ...knitting a simple lace pattern over 45 stitches… but it was a bit too wide for summer and I was in danger of running out of yarn

4. ...casting on 27 stitches over this simple repeat: K2, yo repeat, k1 Purl all stitches. However, after a few inches, I hated the curling created by the pattern.

Finally, I found Palette and knit away. Voila! The pattern doesn't curl, the pattern is lacy enough to be airy but dense enough to have some structure, the yarn's color changes are shown harmoniously, it's the perfect length for a scarf and I had minimal yarn left over.

Looks like after a few false starts, the stars aligned after all.


Julie said...

wow, I love it!! It looks gorgeous,. Looks like you found the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern!

emy said...

Looks fabulous! The colors really show up very well!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful pattern. I followed your link to the pattern and attempted it. The number of stitches never came out right for me so I had a few friends try it and they had the same problem. Are there any changes you made to the pattern or some modification you made for the pattern to work?