Saturday, October 31, 2009

Green/Blue Traditional/Modern BB Blanket

For this blanket, I used some scraps left over from the hot green boy blanket and some other scraps I found at Fabricland. On hindsight, I think the blanket is a bit too busy and serious (un-baby)... perhaps it would've looked better if the panels were a solid color instead of damask. Yet, at the same time, the colors work well together.

Originally, I sewed on damask print binding but the blanket didn't quite look right. There was too much going on with nothing to ground the blanket. I since ripped apart the binding and replaced with a more baby-friendly blue patterned binding. It completely pulled everything together.
 For this quilt, I experimented with quilting in a zig-zag pattern on the damask panels since I was bored with straight lines and terrible with free-motion quilting (plus my machine is too small for it). I quite like the result! It serves the purpose of basting the layers and looks modern.

This blanket measures the same size as all the other ones I made (approx 35 X 45 inches).
It's kinda boy-ish in a traditional yet modern french-flair-ish way.

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