Friday, August 07, 2009

Um.... I don't want to hear what you think.

This morning I was riding the TTC as usual and knitting away. I like spending my morning commute knitting to ease the brain from sleep to work mode.

I'm always a bit self-conscious about knitting in public as I do not enjoy attracting attention but it's 40 minutes everyday which would otherwise be wasted. Most of the time, people just ignore me but occasionally I get the following:
  • Older woman who compliments my work and reminisces about her past knitting experience
  • Younger woman who is in awe and has interest in learning how to knit
  • Man who is in awe (especially when I knit socks).
Although I am a little shy with this attention, it does make me feel good.

But this morning, I received my first unwanted, unsolicited judgement from a stranger on my knitting method and habits.

I was knitting with some ribbon yarn on bamboo needles. A complete stranger, sitting 3 seats away from me, started yelling (at me) in an obnoxious tone:
"Don't you find bamboo needles too sticky? I find it too sticky and slow to knit with cotton yarn. What yarn are you using? Is it cotton? Because I prefer metal needles for cotton. Bamboo needles are too slow. Bamboo needles are too sticky. Yarn just slides off better using metal needles, which makes it faster to knit with. You should use metal needles."

Then she got off the subway.

I was so mad!

1) Is it any of your business what needles I use?
NO! I don't care what you think! And I don't want to hear what you think!

2) What makes you such a good judge about what needles I SHOULD be using with my yarn? Do you even know my yarn?
I'm knitting with shiny ribbon yarn. RIBBON. When is ribbon 100% cotton? If you were such an expert, you would know that shiny ribbon yarn (like the one I used) is composed of nylon, which makes it very slippery, which makes it difficult to control using metal needles!

3) Do you think I don't know metal needles are faster?
Well I do know that, but this yarn is more suitable with bamboo needles. And maybe I just PREFER bamboo.

4) Did I ever complain that I was knitting too slow?

5) Did I ever ask you for your advice?

Bite me.


TrishKnits said...

What's with people?! I knit on the bus to work almost every day and have had the odd negative comment myself. Once when I was knitting a sock on 4 needles, a man warned me to be careful - he was worried I might end up stabbing someone in the eye with them. I told him not to worry - it hardly ever happens. He didn't think it was funny but I had a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

I think people are ignorant, especially the person this stupid woman! People have freedom to choose what they knit - including needle choices and yarn choices. I have two sets of needles - one in bamboo and one in metal - because they're for different purposes!
I totally understand what you mean. Continue to enjoy knitting and ignore these people!!!

Team Knit ! said...

ugh, that really sucks. I knit on the TTC pretty often, and I usually put earphones in, even when I'm not actually listening to music, to deter commentators. I've never had any criticism, but I've ended up in some lengthy conversations with strangers when I really couldn't be bothered!!

- Julie

yuvee said...

LOL I just have to laugh. It's kinda funny when people think they know more than you do about YOUR knitting!