Monday, August 03, 2009

Lace Mania

My sister C and friend LL are both getting married next year. Both have chosen purple as their wedding colors.

So, when I saw this sampler (Deep Sea), I went mad and bought 2 packages. Figured that 400m of lace yarn (per color) was not a lot and limited the pattern choices so I bought 2 = 800m of each color. So many possibilities.

Before diving into the wedding presents, I was trying to choose patterns. Swallowtail Shawl is a possibility, plus Ene's Scarf and Flower Basket Shawl. And so, I started test knitting them (for myself :) ).

Ene's Scarf (in Little Knits Indie II lace yarn)

This scarf/shawl starts bottom up. So you start with a whole lotta stitches and decrease as you go. The lacy bits haven't really started yet.
Flower Basket Shawl (in Fleece Artist Sea Wool)

This shawl is knit top down, so you start with 2 stitches and increase as you go.

Top up or top down? Pain now or pain later? I can't say which method I prefer... yet.

Other Lace
Meanwhile, the VK lace dress is coming along quite well.
The lace pattern is not difficult; however, I wanted to shorten the length and got stuck with the calculations. Instead of cutting out repeats, I decided to use smaller needles to achieve the effect. Don't know it if works, but I'm plowing through it!


Team Knit ! said...

you're making the VK lace dress?! I'm so impressed!! It's going to be utterly amazing.

- Julie

peonyhui said...

Very nice dress, Peg.