Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wowsers 2 Months!!

Wowsers! I didn't realize that I've neglected this space for 2 months! Knitting-wise, I have been completely exhausted after finishing the Christmas gifts for 2007. Somewhat demotivated too, until I saw the preview for Vogue Knitting. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love the bag, I love the wedding dress, I love the abstract art dress, and I REALLY love the chunky blue lace thing with cables.

Although I have not touched my knitting needles in 2 weeks, I have done some knitting since my last blogpost. My life has been a bit hectic so I'm still behind on uploading/downloading pics of my FO's:

1) Wisp from
2) Lady Detective Hat from Knit 2 Together
3) Sideways chunky lacy scarf, which was my own concoction.

In the meantime, I have been keeping myself busy with sewing and quilting. Again, no pictures this post but the good news is.... I have finally sat down to quilt this (the last pic) and I am on track on finishing it before its one year anniversary!

If you signed up, please feel free to ravelry me: kneuroticknitter

Happy knitting!!


Sandi Purl said...

great to have you back! looking forward to your pix

yuvee said...

Welcome back Peggy! I'd love to see the hat modelled too, I have the book but I'm not sure how the hat would look worn,