Thursday, April 05, 2007

Two for Two

There are two less orphans in kneurotic-land. YAY!

BFF Socks
I used US2 Clover bamboo needles. The pattern is generally very easy to follow, except I found a mistake in the small size for the heal flap set up.
Cookie has since changed the instructions on her site so those who were interested in this pattern can knit away!

Stashbusing Meter:

1 skein of Koigu Painters Palette (P33540)

2) Corazon from Knitty
I followed the pattern exactly, except I made the cuff a little longer. If you look closely, there's a consistent mistake. Sadly, I can't count. :(Stashbusting Meter:
3 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL (50% baby alpaca/50% merino wool); 2 turquoise (pine green) + 1 brown (aged oak)

After finishing these two items, I casted on for not one, but two, three, four, five things! Three socks and 2 summer tops. There's not a lot of progress on any of them but I've knitting lots!

I'll be heading to Montreal for the long weekend. No yarn hunting for me but hopefully I can get some knitting during the 5 hour train rides :) See y'all soon.


Agnes said...

The yarns are good for BFF! After finishing Monkey, I'll knit with your gift ... and I am thinking either Grumperina's pattern in the latest Interweave Knits or BFF.

alltangledup said...

well done for using up some of the stash;-) the socks and gloves are beautiful

yuvee said...

They are both soooo pretty! I'm always wondering how people take pictures like that, with very definite focus, looks great!

handknit168 said...

I like your sock, the colour is too beautiful. Have you noticed why your posted date is May 2, 2007, why not april ?

Mimi said...

The choice of Koigu yarn and the pattern was a sucess! And the mittens, still can't find the mistake.I find it very hard to knit without any mistakes.

opportunityknits said...

My goodness, the BFF socks are sooooo pretty. I really like that colourway. Like Mimi, I can't see the mistake, hehee I can't count either!

joy said...

Those socks are just beautiful!

Vivian said...

Your BFF socks are so yummy...I like the colour, very pretty.

gray la gran said...

oh! i love your BFF socks! what a beautiful colorway of koigu :)