Thursday, April 26, 2007

Socks Galore

Thanks for all the comments on the red spring/summer tank! I hope to wear it soon, I just hope it doesn't bleed when I start sweating... that would be super embarrassing!

Back to socks... the ones I were painfully trying to finish (I started in winter 2005)! I utilized the 5 hour train rides to Montreal and voila! Mission accomplished! Here I present to you the Lace Panel Socks in Sheepjes Sock Yarn on 2.25 metal needles. Luckily I have small feet and it was relatively fast to finish them up.

And of course, I was all excited and started two more socks. I'm a little bit weary about the gauge and measurements for the jaywalkers. After reading blog comments about the inelasticity of the pattern, I used a larger needle (2.75). It now fits but the stitches feel a bit loose. I like em' snug! Hmmm.... should I continue? The chevron points look like boobies :(
While I was at it, I even started this... which is leftover from this. Looks fluffy and soft?
It's actually something lace-y!!

I'm not too sure about using the vargiated KSH knock-off to make this... but it's ironically challenging yet soothing, every row is a bittersweet accomplishment. The more I knit, the more I wonder... will the colors be too busy for the pattern? Yet I can't help but knit "just one more row" to see the effect of the colors.
Yes, I am a stubborn knitter. And one day when I decide to rip it out, I have no one but myself to blame. In the meantime, I'll just see how it looks after knitting one more row...

Stashbusting Meter:
2 skeins of Sheepjes Sock Yarn


yuvee said...

Pretty pretty socks ;)!!
I'm not sure about the jaywalker, I find that I have to stretch mine a lot to get in them.
Love the fluffy thing, I think when you spread the lace the colours actually work.

Laura.Y said...

Love those lace socks! Sorry can't help much with jaywalker, i haven't got around to sock knitting. The colorway for the shawl is nice.

opportunityknits said...

The lace on the blue socks is very preety. And I agree with Yuvee, when the lace is stretched out, the fluffy colours look nice.

Vivian said...

The lace panel sock is so nice and so of the colour, love it. The colourway of the shawl seem pretty too, I'm sure it'll be very pretty when finish.

emy said...

Why don't you try knittng a small swatch of the lace and block before you decide if you would continue? :)