Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hee hee... I know it's already mid month but it's always better late than never! HAPPY NEW YEAR and may all your New Year's resolutions be successful.

One of my NY resolutions is to knit more and blog more (gosh, the postings have dwindled since my job). I have picked up the needles and since I felt SUPER lazy, I've just been working with bulky yarn (for now). Here's some finished items:

1) Rowan Ribbon Twist Beret and Scarf - From Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection, I knitted Mercy (the beret) and Casey (the scarf with bobbles). I love it... it's unique, the yarn is soooo soft and using 8mm, 12mm and 15mm makes the projects fast fast fast. (p.s. bear bear is modeling on my new couch in front of the walls I newly painted in blue *smile*)

2) Last year, I knitted a skinny scarf with Rowan Biggy Print. Using 20mm needles (6 stitches), the scarf looked fine but after a day of wear, it sagged and went past my knees!!! So, I reknit it using 15mm needles with 7 stitches and now it's perfect (no picture, it looks the same).

3) Last year, I knitted a mini capelet, also with Rowan Biggy Print. So resistably cute but oh so impractical for Toronto winters. I tore it apart and turned it into a warm cap (Flip from Rowan Big Easy).

Home decor cushions are still in progress... sister's socks are still in progress... Hope to fit in an update before Chinese New Year!


Agnes said...

Happy New Year to you too, Peggy.
The Teddy Bear is really cute with the hat and scarf. May you have success with your resolutions ... I for one would like to read more from you! ;)

Kim said...

The bear in the scarf and hat is addorable.. You should knit him his own set to wear all the time! Way cute : )

Sounds like you've gotten lots of knitting done though.. way to go!

I hope your blogging resolution holds up ; )

joy said...

Love the blue walls! :)
We could all use some chunky yarn now and then; your hats are very cute!

Siow Chin said...

I love your Ribbon Twist set, especially the beret. They are everywhere and I so want one, although I think I might not wear it, hee, hee.

yuvee said...

happy new year to you too Peggy!
I love the beret, and I've been wanting to try ribbon twist and biggy print too, but they're just so expensive.(cos I'm broke ;D)

Laura.Y said...

Happy New Year! that is so cute! I love the way u used the teddy bear to show off the beret!

Lana said...

What a cute way to display your items ^_^ The hat and scarf look great!

I love all your sock patterns you've made as well! ^_^

Mimi said...

Happy New Year, Peggy! The beret looks so cute posed by your bear! :) The new hat also looks so nice. I should redo some of my projects that I don't wear often like you did.

erin said...

I love the beret. I must knit myself a beret one of these days and I hope that I look as Paris chic as your bear. I guess I should wish you Happy Chinese New Year now!