Monday, August 15, 2005

Busy, Frantic, Hectic Week

Alas, it's been a hectic week with a new job (with OT too!!) AND moving into a new place. WHEW! Did manage to squeeze in some knitting and stitching... here's my progress on the cushion covers and daddy's socks!

Cushion covers - DONE! Although my stitching skills have much to be desired, the zippers are attached. While on the hunt for zippers, I ended up making 2 cushion covers instead of one. I have this "thing" with symmetry and one cushion sitting on a sofa just didn't look right. Plus, the Chinese have this superstition that some gifts should be presented in pairs... something to do with order and balance. The picture shows both the front and back of the cushion. (The colors in the pic are a little bit off. It looks a bit green but the true color should be pale taupe, an ochre.)

X-mas Socks - 1 out of 8 DONE! It's now mid-August. I figure if I can complete one sock every two weeks, I can finish my dad's, mom's and my two sister's socks before Christmas!! It's an aggressive and ambitious plan but so far, so good. This cable sock in the manly color is for my daddy! (This one looks green too. It's supposed to be a dark grey with speckles.)

I hope all of your Christmas gift knitting is progressing! Back to the elf workshop I go.


Eva Shiu said...

Beautiful cushion and sock ! I am planning to knit some cable cushion too. I never knit home accessories before. I think it is time to make some this year.

joy said...

I'm sure you'll finish those socks with time to spare! Lovely cushion covers. Yes, one would be a bit lonely. Two's good!

rosalynn said...

gorgeous cushion! ur friend is a lucky guy!

Doreen said...


I love that cushion cover. Like Eva, I've never attempt to knit home accessories before. Maybe one of these days I should do that.

tanti said...

found your blog when looked around.
Love your cushion cover, and nice masculine color too:)