Sunday, July 17, 2005

Greetings from Toronto!

Well, I made it! I consider myself quite well travelled but each time I go to a new place or decide to move to a new country, it's overwhelming. Luckily, I had a great, great friend who not only picked me up at the airport, but also helped me lug my many suitcases TWICE, not once (it's a long long story).

So, I am here... and the first thing I googled was "yarn shops in Toronto". There are many so I am happy. But I am still unemployed so I cannot action on this happiness just yet. Restaint! Will power!

Whilst in Vancouver, I had an in-progress item that I abandonned. I ran out of yarn but managed to find some websites selling it online. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get enough as there's a least another 3-4 inches to go! Here it is... it's supposed to be a cardigan using a shetland wool mix. Pattern from Vogue Knitting Fall 1999. Right now, it's just kinda bunched up.

I just noticed that pictures can now be posted directly on Blogger. No more fiddling with Hello+Picasa! Yay!! This new function has been launched for some time I think. Quite nifty, it's much more convenient!

I am now 2/3 finished my first sock. Initially allured by complicating shaping, the sock is not really my favorite thing to knit. Knitting in the round on such small needles is quite boring... maybe I need to look up some patterns to spice things up! Plans for the next pair of socks are cables, cables, cables?? But in the meantime, I have to brew up enough excitement to finish the first sock!


Lauren said...

That cardigan WIP is very pretty--I am sure it will be perfect for the Canadian winter! I have always liked those fair isle detailed cardigans...

Take care~

Agnes said...

There are lots of interesting sock patterns on the web ... so don't worry.
Your cardigan WIP is impressive! Wish you good luck in finding the yarn to finish it.

Miss Twiss said...

Welcome to Ontario.

Siow Chin said...

Yes, I agree with Agnes. There are lots of interesting sock patterns out there to keep you on your feet! I'm looking forward to seeing your first socks, I'm sure they'll come in very handy in Toronto winter.

opportunityknits said...

Cable socks sound real good. Just came across this one :

tiffany said...

I love your cardi - the colours are perfect.

Cables are fun, but even more so are lace socks!

I am confused, are you just visting back east or are you moving? You really get around!!! :D